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Abelsen, Peter

Schopenhauer and Buddhism

Allon, Mark

The Oral Composition and Transmission of Early Buddhist Texts

Baer, Ruth A.

Measuring Mindfulness

Barclay, Winston F.

On Words and Meaning: The Attitude Toward Discourse in the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra

Barns, Gina L.

An Introduction to Buddhist Archaeology

Bastow, David

The Mahā-vibāṣā Arguments for Sarvāstivāda

Batchlor, Martine

Meditation and Mindfulness

Bechert, Heinz

The Date of the Buddha Reconsidered


What Does Mindfulness Really Mean? A Canonical Perspective

Bond, George D.

Self or No-Self in Theravāda Buddhism (reviews):

Selfless Persons: Imagery and Thought in Theravāda Buddhism, by Steven Collins. Cambridge University Press, 1982. Pp. 323

Self and Non-Self in Early Buddhism, by Joaquín Pérez Remón. The Hague: Mouton Publishers, 1980 Pp. 412

The Development and Elaboration of the Arahant Ideal in the Theravāda Buddhist Tradition

Theravāda Buddhism’s Meditations on Death and the Symbolism of Initiatory Death

Boucher, Daniel

Gāndhāri and the Early Chinese Buddhist Translations Reconsidered: The Case of the Saddharmapuṇḍarīkasūtra

Brancaccio, Pia

The Buddhist Caves at Aurangabad: The Impact of the Laity

Brereton; Joel P

“Tat Tvam Asi” in Context

Brekke, Torkel

The Early Saṃgha and the Laity

Bronkhorst, Johannes

Did the Buddha Believe in Karma and Rebirth?

Bucknell, Roderick S.

Conditioned Arising Evolves: Variation and Change in Textual Accounts of the Paṭicca-samuppāda Doctrine

Reinterpreting the Jhānas

The Buddhist Path to Liberation: An Analysis of the Listing of Stages

Burns, Charlene

“Soul-Less” Christianity and the Buddhist Emperical Self: Buddhist-Christian Convergence”

Burnett, Richard

Mindfulness in Schools: Learning lessons from the adults – secular and Buddhist

Burton, David

Knowledge and Liberation: Philosophical Ruminations on a Buddhist Conundrum

Bush, Mirabai

Mindfulness in Higher Education

Caillat, Colette

Gleanings from a Comparative Reading of Early Canonical Buddhist and Jaina Texts

Châu, Thích Thién

The Literature of the Pudgalavādins

Carrier, Richard

Proving a Negative

Ching, Julia

Paradigms of the Self in Buddhism and Christianity

Collins, Steven

On the Very Idea of the Pali Canon

Connolly, Peter

The Vitalistic Antecedents of the Ātman-Brahman Concept

Comans, Michael

The Question of the Importance of Smādhi in Modern and Classical Advaita Vedānta

Coseru, Christian

Buddhist ‘Foundationalism’ and the Phenomenology of Perception

Crosby, Kate

The Sutta on Understanding Death in the Transmission of Borān Meditation from Siam to the Kandyan Court

Cousins, Lance Selwyn

Aspects of Esoteric Southern Buddhism

How Buddhism Began: The Conditioned Gensis of the Early Teachings by Richard F. Gombrich (Review)

Pāli Oral Literature

The Dating of the Historical Buddha: A review article

The ‘Five Points’ and the Origins of the Buddhist Schools

The Origins of Insight Meditation

Samatha-yāna and Vipassanā-yāna  

Sākiyabhikkhu/Sakayabhikkhu/Śākyabhikṣu: A Mistaken link to Mahāyāna?

Vitakka/Vitarka and Vicāra: Stages of Smādhi in Buddhism and Yoga

Cox, Collett

Derpendent Origination: Its Elaboration in Early Sarvāstivādin Abhidharma Texts

Crangle, Edward F.

A Comparison of Hindu and Buddhist Techniques of Attaining Samādhi

Concerning the Truth About Ultimate Things

Davidson, Ronald M.

An Introduction to the Standards of Scriptural Authenticity in Indian Buddhism

Deleanu, Florin

Mindfulness of Breathing in the Dhyāna Sūtras

Derrett, J. Duncan M.

Consolation and a Parable: Two Contacts between Ancient Greece and Buddhists

Dreyfus, George

Is Mindfulness Present-Centered and Non-Judgmental? A Discussion of the Cognitive Dimensions of Mindfulness

Dunne, John

Toward an Understanding of Non-Dual Mindfulness

Emavardhana, Tipawadee

Changes in Self-Concept, Ego Defence Mechanisms, and Religiosity Following Seven-Day Vipassanā Meditation Retreats

Federman, Asaf

What Kind of Free Will did the Buddha Teach?

What Buddhism Taught Cognitive Science about Self, Mind and Brain

Literal Means and Hidden Meanings: A New Analysis of Skillful Means

Feldman, Cristina

Compassion in the Landscape of Suffering

Fennell, Melanie

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Culture clash or Creative Fusion?

Findly, Ellison Banks

Ānanda’s Hindrance: Faith (saddhā) in Early Buddhism

Freiberger, Oliver

The Buddhist Canon and the Canon of Buddhist Studies

Fronsdal, Gil

Insight Meditation in the United States: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Garfield, Jay L.

Dependent Arising and the Emptiness of Emptiness: Why did Nāgārjuna Start with Causation?

Gethin, Rupert

He Who Sees Dhamma Sees Dhammas: Dhamma in Early Buddhism

On the Practice of Buddhist Meditation According to the Pāli Nikāyas and Exegetical Sources

On Some Definitions of Mindfulness

Ghosh, Bhajagovinda

Upanishadic Terms in Buddhism

Giles, James

The No-Self Theory: Hume, Buddhism, and Personal Identity

Gilkey, Langdon

The Christian Understanding of Suffering

Giustarini, Giuliano

A Note on Saḷāyatanas in the Pāli Nikāyas

Gokhale, Balkrishna Govind

Early Buddhism and the Urban Revolution

Gombrich, Richard Francis

Ancient Indian Cosmology

Buddhist Karma and Social Control

Feminine Elements of Sinhalese Buddhism

How the Mahāyāna Began

Fifty Stanzas of a Thief

“Merit Transference” In Sinhalese Buddhism: A Case Study of the Interaction Between Doctrine and Practice

Reccovering the Buddha's Message

The Duty of a Buddhist: according to the Pāli scriptures

The Significance of Former Buddhas in the Theravādin Tradition

Griffiths, Paul

Concentration or Insight: The Problematic of Theravāda Buddhist Meditation-Theory

Grossmann, Paul

Mindfulness by Any Other Name…: Trials and Tribulations of Sati in Western Psychology and Science

Hamilton, Sue

Anattā: A Different Approach

Harrison, Paul M.

Relying on the Dharma and not the Person: Refection on Authority and Transmission in
Buddhism and Buddhist Studies

Searching For the Origins of the Mahāyāna: What are we looking for?

Who Gets to Ride in the Great Vehicle? Self-Image and Identity Among the Followers of the Early Mahāyāna

Hartranft, Chip

Did the Buddha Teach Satipaṭṭhāna?

Harvey, Peter

“Freedom of the Will” in the Light of Theravāda Buddhist Teachings

“Signless” Meditations in Pāli Buddhism

The Mind-Body in Pāli Buddhism: A Philosophical Investigation

The Symbolism of the Early Stūpa

Heirman, Ann

Some Remarks on the Rise of the bhikṣuṇīsaṃgha and on the Ordination Ceremony for

bhikṣuṇīs according to the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya

What Happened to the Nun Maitreyī? 

Hershock, Peter D.

Person as Narration: The Dissolution of ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ in Ch’an Buddhism

Hodge, Sterphen

Chinese for Pāḷi Students : Introduction

Johansson, Rune E.A.

Citta, Mano, Viññāṇa – A psychosemantic Investigation

Jones, Dhivan Thomas

New Light on the Twelve Nidānas

Jurewicz, Joanna

Playing with Fire: The pratītyasamutpāda from the perspective of Vedic thought

Kabat-Zinn, Jon

Mindfulness: Diverse Perspectives on its Meaning, Origins, and Multiple Applications at the Intersection of Science and Dharma

Some Reflections on the Origins of MBSR, Skillful Means, and the Trouble with Maps

Kalupahana, David J. ( In Memoriam: David J. Kalupahana - 1933-2014)

A Buddhist Tract on Empiricism

The Buddha’s “Middle Way” as a Vehicle of Culture

The Buddhist conceptions of "subject" and "object" and their moral implications

The Buddhist conception of time and temporality

The Buddhist Tantric Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Their Sūtra Origin

The Early Buddhist Notion of the Middle Path

The Notion of Suffering in Early Buddhism compared with some reflections of early Wittgenstein

Kawanami, Hiroko

The Religious Standing of Burmese Buddhist Nuns (thilá-shin): The Ten Precepts and Religious Respect Words

Kearney, Patrick

Still Crazy after all these Years: Why Meditation isn’t Psychotherapy

Kheminda Thera

Path, Fruit and Nibbāna

Kieffer-Pülz, Petra

Rules for the sīmā Regulation in the Vinaya and its Commentaries and their Application in Thailand

Kosuta, Matthew

Theravada Emptiness: The Abhidhammic theory of Ajaan Sujin Boriharnwanaket

Kuan, Tse-fu

Clarification on Feelings in Buddhist Dhyāna/Jhāna Meditation

Rethinking Non-self: A New Perspective from the Ekottarika Āgama

Saññā and Sati

Lamotte, Étienne

Conditioned Co-production and Supreme Enlightenment

Religious Suicide in Early Buddhism

Lancaster, Lewis R.

The Oldest Mahāyāna Sūtra: Its significance for the study of Buddhist development

Lewis, Joy Manné

(review): Selfless Persons: Imagery and Thought in Theravāda Buddhism. Ix, 323pp. Cambridge (University Press)

Liu, Jiahe

Early Buddhism and Taoism in China (A.D. 65 – 420)

Loy, David R.

Awareness Bound and Unbound: Realizing the Nature of Attention

The Nonduality of Life and Death: A Buddhist View of Repression

Luyster, Robert W.

The Concept of the Self in the Upaniṣads: Its Origin and Symbols 

Maex, Edel

The Buddhist Roots of Mindfulness Training: A Practitioners View

Malalasekera, G.P.

The Status of the Individual in Theravāda Buddhism

Martin, Raymond

Would It Matter All That Much if There Were No Selves?

Muller, Charles

Innate Enlightenment and No-thought: A Response to the Critical Buddhist Position on Zen

Myers, Michael W.

Tat tvam asi as Advadic Metaphor

Nakamura, Hajime

The Theory of ‘Dependent Origination’ in its Incipient Stage

Nicholson, Hugh

The Spirit of Contradiction in the Buddhist Doctrine of Not-Self

Nizamis, Khristos

‘I’ without ‘I am’: On the Presence of Subjectivity in Early Buddhism, in the Light of Transcendental Phenomenology

The Mind’s ‘I’ in Meditation: Early Pāḷi Buddhadhamma and Transcendental Phenomenology in Mutual Reflection

Norman, Kenneth Roy

A Note on Attā in the Alagaddūpama Sutta

Aspects of Early Buddhism

On Translating from Pāli

Pāli Philology and the Study of Buddhism

Theravāda Buddhism and Brahmanical Hinduism: Brahmanical Terms in a Buddhist Guise

The Four Noble Truths

The Nine Treasures of the Cakravartin

The Origin of Pāli and its Position among the Indo-European Languages

The Pāḷi Language and the Theravādin Tradition (from: A History of Indian Literature Vol. VII. Facs. 2. Pāli Literature. 1983

The Pratyeka-Buddha in Buddhism and Jainism

Why Are the Four Noble Truths Called “Noble”

Olendzki, Andrew

The Construction of Mindfulness

Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu

Essay on the Aggregates of the Mind

Prebish, Charles S.

Cooking the Buddhist Books

Priestley, Leonard

Pudgalavāda Buddhist Philosophy

Radich, Michael

Immortal Buddhas and their indestructible embodiments: The advent of the concept of vajrakāya

Rāhula, Walpola

A Comparative Study of Dhāyanas according to Theravāda, Sarvāstivāda and Mahāyāna

Ratnayaka, Shanta

The Bodhisattva Ideal of Theravāda

Reat, Noble Ross

Karma and Rebirth in the Upaniṣads and Buddhism

Reference Lists:

References to Early Buddhism Resources

Rhi, Juhyung

Some Textual Parallels for Gandhāran Art: Fasting Buddhas, Lalitavistara, and Karuṇāpuṇḍarīkai

Robinson, Richard H.

Some Buddhist and Hindu Concepts of Intellect-Will

Ruegg, David Seyfor

The Kalawān Copper-plate Inscription: Early Evidence for Mahāyāna-type Thinking?

Rupp, George

The Relationship Between Nirvāṇa and Samsāra: An Essay on the Evolution of Buddhist Ethics

Salgado, Nirmala S.

Ways of Knowing and Transmitting Religious Knowledge: Case Studies of Theravāda Buddhist Nuns

Salomon, Richard

A New Kharoṣṭhī Inscription

On an Alleged Reference to Amitābha in a Kharoṣṭhī Inscription on a Gandhāran Relief

The Senior Manuscripts: Another Collection of Gandhāran Buddhist Scrolls

Salzberg, Sharon

Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness

Santorelli, Saki F.

‘Enjoy Your Death’: Leadership Lessons Forged in the Crucible of Organizational Death and Rebirth Infused with Mindfulness and Mastery

Schopen, Gregory

The Inscription on the Kuṣān Image of Amitābha and the Charakter of the Early Mahāyāna in India

The Lay Ownership of Monasteries and the Role of the Monk in Mūlasarvāstivādin Monasticism

The Mahāyāna and the Middle Period of Indian Buddhism: Through a Chinese Looking-glass

Seeger, Martin

The Bhikkhunī-ordination controversy in Thailand

Sharf, Robert H.

Buddhist Modernism and the Rhetoric of Meditative Experience

On the Allure of Buddhist Relics


The Idolization of Enlightenment: On the Mummification of Ch'an Masters in Medieval China

The Rhetoric of Experience and the Study of Religion

Sharma, Arvind

A Note on the Use of the Word Hīnayāna

An Inquiry into the Nature of the Distinction Between the History of Religion and the Phenomenology of Religion

Is Anubhava a Pramāṇa According to Śaṅkara?

Rune E.A. Johansson’s Analysis of Citta: A Criticism

Shulman, Eviatar

Early Meanings of Dependent-Origination

Mindful Wisdom: The Sati-paṭṭhāna-sutta on Mindfulness, Memory, and Liberation

Nuns, Laywomen, Donors, Goddesses: Female Roles in Early Buddhism

Scriptural Authenticity and the Śrāvaka Schools: An Essay towards an Indian Perspective

Shults, Brett

On the Buddha's Use of Some Brahmanical Motifs in Pali Texts

Singh, Sanghasen

Prakrit Versus Sanskrit: A Case Study of Pāli (Māgadhī) and Ardhamāgadhī

Sircar, D.C.

Some Problems of Textual Study

Skilling, Peter

Eṣā Agrā: Images of Nuns in (Mūla-)Sarvāstivādin Literature

Scriptural Authenticity and the Śrāvaka Schools: An Essay towards an Indian Perspective

So, Hoang Trong

On the Form of Existence of Theravāda Buddhism in Vietnam

Stuart-Fox, Martin

Jhāna and Buddhist Scholasticism

Strenski, Ivan

On Generalized Exchange and the Domestication of the Sangha

Sugunasiri, Suwanda H. J.

The Whole Body, Not Heart, as 'Seat of Consciousness': The Buddha's View


Nibbana is not viññāṇa, it just isn’t

Sects and Sectarianism: The Origins of Buddhist Schools

Taber, John A.

The Mīmāṃsā theory of self-recognition

Teasdale, John D.

How does Mindfulness Transform Suffering? I: The Nature and Origins of Dukkha

Véliz, Carissa

Equivocalities of the Definition and Practice of Mindfulness

Von Hinüber, Oskar

Buddhist Law According to the Theravāda-Vinaya: A survey of Theory and Practice

Buddhist Law According to the Theravāda Vinaya II: Some Additions and Corrections

Hoary Past and Hazy Memory: On the History of Early Buddhist Texts

Walser, Joseph

The Origin of the Term ‘Mahāyāna’ (The Great Vehicle) and its Relationship to the Āgamas

Wallace B. Alan

What did the Buddha really mean by “mindfulness”

Williams, David M.

The Translation and Interpretation of the Twelve Terms in the Paṭiccasamuppāda

Wiltshire, Martin G.

The “Suicide” Problem in the Pāli Canon

Wayman, Alex

Who Understands the Four Alternatives of the Buddhist Texts?

Wynne, Alexander

Early Evidence for the ‘no self’ doctrine? A note on the second anātman teaching of the Second Sermon

Miraculous Transformation and Personal Identity: A note on The First anātman Teaching of the Second Sermon

On the Sarvāstivādins and Mūlasarvāstivadins           

The ātman and its negation: A conceptual and chronological analysis of early Buddhist Thought

The Historical Authenticity of Early Buddhist Literature: A Critical Evaluation

The Oral Transmission of the Early Buddhist Literature

Young, Katherine K.

The Issue of the Buddha as Vedagū, with Reference to the Formation of the Dhamma and the Dialectic with the Brahmins

Yün-Hua, Jan

Problems of Tao and Tao Te Ching

Zeuschner, Robert B.

The Meaning of “Hinayāna” in Northern Ch’an

Zysk, Kenneth G.

Studies in Traditional Indian Medicine in the Pāli Canon: Jīvaka and Āyurveda